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Play the favorite game and team leaders talk trash with coworkers about whomever is on their shitlist. No thanks for anything management sucks. The pros and cons of working in the corrections institution. I work there in the inmates was messing with the employees there was all types of drugs being brought in the corrections staff was more corrupt in the Aramark staff it was just an all-around bad place to work at.

Typically when i wold show up at work i would start off by washng my hands and clocking in. Daily work interaction. I was trained to be a cashier and food preparer. The interaction with the students was challenging at times due to they will try to get free food and that would throw off my intake of money. Great Company. I learned to accurately and efficiently respond to customer inquiries. Follow up with research, account analysis and reporting of results while maintaining customer satisfaction.

I'm no longer with this organization. It was up in down working for Aramark! But I'll love to work there again! Every day it was something different, it's what I loved the most bout working for the company! Never knew what to expect. One day I'll work the burn unit next day the cancer center etc. Decent place to work for a college student. Very good place to work for a college student.

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Pay was fairly low and management wasn't necessarily the best, but it was a good part-time job for extra cash. Flexible and comfortable environment. I being a single mother with a child who was sick often, they worked with me. I was able to make up shifts if I had to be out. This is the only reason why I left. Fun to work there. Management was a awesome they were fair. The benefits were very good. You do receive a raise every year. Overall good company. Don't make the same mistake I did.

This company in a whole, is absolutely awful. They lie to you, they are not at all confidential, and the management has no communication whatsoever. I have witnessed them push people around, and not hire people "because of costs" to prevent staff shortages. They "farm" people out from one facility to the next and the only incentive is a little bit of gas money.

Does not pay a livable wage for the type of work you are doing. Management and HR are a joke.

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Its was an pretty good experience working for them. I had a nice job position and I enjoyed doing the work I had a good team of co workers and supervisors I typically had to be to work by 7am and got off around 2pm somedays we had to do turnovers where we would come back in at 12AM and didn't get off until 5AM I loved it it was one of the best jobs I have had.

Productive workplace with plenty of time off.

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The job is very consistent and the people were very friendly. I learned how to work in an environment with Autistic employees that had coaches. Serving children was a true pleasure. I also learned about keeping food fresh and the correct temperatures to serve food.

Operating Hours

The quality of school lunches through this company is good. Every recipe is planned and the timing of cooking is the biggest challenge. The kids did get fruit everyday. There was a good variety of food served. I did get pressured about a family vacation I take every November requiring me to take two or three days off.

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This company allows for no time off and would not hire substitutes. I did work when I was sick because there was no available replacement for me. Excellent work environment with challenging assignments. Work assignments were varied. Projects were in different stages of construction.

Some projects in design, others under construction and some were completed and required testing of equipment for compliance with design parameters. Management was excellent and we were encouraged to establish our own schedules and methods for completing tasks. Coworkers were experienced and comfortable to work with.

Hardest part of the job was making contractors comply with specifications. The most enjoyable part of job was closing out contracts with full compliance. Fun place to work. Supervisor   Eski Çalışan —   Queens N. Y — 20 Kasım I learn the different types of fresh erbs chefs uses to cook. Learn how to use electrical pallet jacks.

Coworkers was very friendly and easy to get along with. Getting to see the players from both teams. Productive work environment with jobs for all types of people. A typical day at work would require me to organize the deck hands, cleaners, and boat instructors to accomplish the next days houseboats going out and coming in. I coordinated the work dock.

In the mornings I would check to see if all the houseboats going out that day were in order, pumped, cleaned, and had fresh water, etc. Next, the instructors needed to know what boats they were instructing and I would instruct as well. We all drove the boats out of the marina and into the marina for customers. Only myself and the small boats coordinator were allowed to drive our 75' Excursion houseboat.

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  8. Later when the houseboats have gone out, I planned cleaning jobs and repair jobs for the instructors and also made sure that the houseboats for the next day were getting what they needed from the mechanics, boat cleaners, and the deck hands. I was the dock supervisor per say. I enjoyed being a leader and was confident in my role. I made friends easily with my co-workers and helped when it was needed. Productive work place. Ensure that each customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly environment, which includes greeting and acknowledging every customer, maintaining outstanding standards, solid product knowledge and all other aspects of customer service.

    Maintain an awareness of all promotions and advertisements. Accurately and efficiently ring on register and accurately maintain all cash and media at the registers. Enter all media from register into the tally program. Great place to work especially working with young adults. Start at 6 am, getting housekeepers ready to go to clean their areas. Inspect buildings daily and make sure the housekeepers have their stock for the day.

    scrubBank™ Scrub Management System from Aramark

    Everyday is a challenge with different situations. Management always on the move.

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    Pretty good staff and get along with everyone. Trying to be proactive is hard because it is a fast pace work place.

    When the day is said and done, the job is done. Tek yapmanız gereken telefona mSpy apk indirip kurmanız. Messenger uygulamalarını takip edin Takip edilen cihaz üzerindeki sohbet ve mesajlaşma hizmetlerine sınırsız erişime sahip olun.